March, on the lagoon.

well we we're successful once more on The Mosquito Lagoon. it seems after two years of dedicated fishing, and countless gallons of gasoline driving to the coast, the fishing gods have been rewarding us lately. i wouldn't go as far as sayin' that we know what we're doin' quite yet, but we're gettin' there.

if there's anyone who knows anything about the lagoon, we caught em on Shotgun Flats.. on the south side of Shotgun Pass (old channel).

bait shop.

me poling.

summer is comin' people! get fresh line on those rods, buy some tackle, and start payin' attention to the weather!

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breanne! said...

that red polin photo is pretty dreamy brett.

i have been bugging this fisher kid in st. augustine to take me fishing. i know i dont look serious. but i definitely am. i even asked my dad to tell me some words and stuff that would make me sounds more fisherly. we used to go every sunday when i was a kid and it was the most exciting rewarding delicious fun.

where do you live?
maybe i can come fishing there.

p.s i didnt forget im gonna send you a print. i just need a tube to send it in. :)